Cupid is not enough!!

It looks like our friend Cupid had abandoned his conventional antics this Valentine’s Day!!
The number of youngsters who are waiting to fall in love these days are much more than what Cupid had expected!!
I was wondering about this ideology of ‘waiting to fall in love’., people say that love creeps inside your heart unexpectedly and unnoticeably, but what I can see is a whole new generation of youngsters who are always ready with their desperate adolescent hearts wide open to lure anyone whom they feel would be compatible and emotionally tangible.
Examine this, when a boy says ‘I love you’, he intends to primarily engage a girl emotionally, however in most cases the tendency is to advance physically, but girls do have an extraordinary attribute of controlling an emotional situation better than boys! As a counter Boys resort to what is called as ’emotional persistence’ to dislodge any resistance from the girls.
The hilarious aspect is that, boys are willing to spend a considerable amount of time to woo girls, but most Romeos are not actually sure wether it is Love!! The fact is that they just want to establish a secure and a private understanding with the opposite sex just to satisfy their trendy adolescent feeling!!!
Now, the interesting aspect is that gratification of this special feeling in many cases does evolve into a meaningful relationship, however this is possible only if both the individuals are willing to nurture their nascent ‘Valentine feeling’so that it evolves into what is called as Love!!!


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