The Flight of the Monkey!!

Einstein once said that if the honey bees on earth become extinct, human life will be wiped out within the next four years. Einstein had a scientific reason for this, but never did he realise that all of us are actually extinct!! 
This might surprise you, but the fact is we are not what we actually are, We are just a shadow of the past!
This is no theology, consider this, last Friday i visited the museum where artefacts from different timeline were displayed. There I found myself consciously staring at a painting that dated a couple of centuries back;
It was a portrait of a Queen with her pet monkey. The least surprising aspect about this painting was that the queen’s face had a striking resemblance to that of a girl who used to work with me about a decade back. 

Is it possible that this girl whom I know, be of the same genealogical lineage of that lovely lass in the portrait? Maybe not, but the most surprising aspect was that the pet monkey was an absolute parallel with that of its present generation. 

How is this possible that the monkey has always remained a monkey unchanged through time!
Yes!! there are different varieties of monkeys, but each variety of monkeys have the same facial features and no significant physical difference can be attributed. This logic applies to all flora and fauna and the only exception to this logic are human beings.
Evolution preaches that man evolved from monkeys; Then how did the present lot of monkeys survive evolution? The entire monkey species should have been transformed into a variety of Humans !!
Strangely, this has not happened and notably, the only species on earth that has a close resemblance to the monkeys are inarguably humans and this might actually suggest that human evolution might be travelling in the reverse direction! perhaps we are just marching back to the point where it all began! 
My scientific intuition strongly suggests that the present breed of humans are just an offshoot of this reverse transitional evolution. 
We can be assured that at the end of this evolutional tunnel the ‘original aboriginal originality’ which is presently extinct will be totally restored and the present lot of Homo sapiens will be again called as Monkeys!!!!


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