Identity preserved!

The very sight of a bull running amok is frightening and it is naive not to seek shelter; however defying all logic, men trying to cling onto the ferocious bull is what we Indians are know for. This act sounds illogical, disgruntled and not so valiant in the sight of many western hybrid stereotypes in our society. 
Civilisations have culturally evolved over time, but why did civilisations after all have to evolve and what happens to the associated cultural traditions, do they have to just vanish in course of time? 
Evolution is all about adopting and adapting to the trends that defines a particular era. Trends were merely created as a result of mans greed and selfishness and there was no upper limit to this! 
Evolution progresses when mans greed and selfishness increases exponentially and this significantly impacts culture. No wonder the so called developed countries are actually culturally backward!!
These developed countries are in reality a fusion of several civilisations and cultures that have decayed as a result of cultural evolution.
These are hybrid cultures with self centred economies and attempts to align ourself with these societies will result in weakening of our Identity!! 
Selflessness and dignity has helped us to preserve our identity over time, #Jallikattu represents the Formidable Indian spirit and preservation of our identity gives us chivalrous superiority! 



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