Bravo! the Jhansi Rani of Indian Paralympics

With the sweetness of #Mariappan’s victory still lingering in my taste bud, i was again more than happy to gulp down a glass of sweet lassie for #DeepaMalik who was paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair, yet who surged ahead to conquer the paralympic arena at #Rio2016 with a formidable shot put thrust off her neck which sent the 8 pound spherical boulder flying a distance of #4.61 meters. This effort from this 21st century #JhansiRani was more than sufficient to decorate the Indian sub-continent with a sliver lining which was previously achieved only by the formidable badminton protege #P.V.Sindhu.

I was emotionally compelled to read her story. I delved through the various physical and emotional trials she endured before being rendered physically ineffectual, and in spite of her physical inability she did not allow her mental strength to be insufficient. Nothing could stop her from garnering her inner strength to put behind all those things which demotivated her and to bravely gallop forward like the charge of the British heavy cavalry in the battle of Waterloo.

Deepa Malik is an epitome of success, who ensured that her life’s destiny was defined by none other than herself. I could not resist but I humbly bow down to this Iron lady who seems to have answered everyone’s life’s question!!


7 thoughts on “Bravo! the Jhansi Rani of Indian Paralympics

  1. Boopathy

    This shows Practice and strong determination will surely yield you more than what you expected..
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story,as still I’m unaware of her victory..


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