Heroism is the order of the Day!!

Everyone wants to be someone and that someone is always the one who fights for someone who wants to be someone!

I was totally enthralled last week when i had to stand-up for someone in that muted crowd where a persuading lot of political buffoons tried to hood-wink a group of commoners in a road show with their perilous insight. Soon after that event evaporated into the oblivion, the elusive feeling of standing up for a reason caused a soothing intoxication like feeling that remained in me for sometime.

However the receding memories of that roaring applause, secreted a craving essence which kept flowing through my veins. Addicted to this new found itching for heroism, i sought every opportunity to dazzle in dire situations. Ironically in many instances my self scripted maneuver turned out to be melancholy. I was always willing to live another day, seeking scripted situations where i can prove myself and satisfy my craving.

Seldom did this happen and with time the essence slowly lost its sting. I slowly realized that every dog has its day!

Maybe a few dogs might be a little luckier!!


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