At last a reason to cheer ~ Gold medal at Rio 

My eyes were drenched with tears when i heard the news that India has finally bagged a #GoldMedal in #Rio2016!.
A few weeks back i was a little disappointed when our Indian contingent returned from the #RioSummerOlympics without a single Gold medal!. Heartbroken, i consoled myself with the lone silver and bronze medal which we bagged in Badminton and Wrestling. However i was not able to understand why ‘India’ a Nation of more than 100 crore people was not able to bag many medals in #Olympics. There might be many reasons, but all those reasons only appears to be many excuses.

I was very disappointed with their performance and i was mentally prepared to wait and hope for another four years to see if any of our athletes would win a Gold Medal at #Tokyo2020.


Surprisingly, today morning i woke up to the news that India has won a #GoldMedal, immediately i presumed that our wrestler Yogeshwar’s bronze medal which he bagged during the 2012 London Olympics might have been upgraded to Gold due to the doping charges which were proved against the other wrestling medal winner from the 2012 games.
ironically, I found myself  jumping in joy when i immediately realized that my presumption was absolutely wrong!!
It was #Paralympics! where our own brothers and sisters competed with both their #PhysicalDisabilities and other contestants from different nations.
Our own #MariyappanThangavelu’s #HighJump leap, fluently draging his broken leg over the bar kept at a height of 1.89 Mts was sufficient to ensure that our #IndianFlag was hoisted in the #OlympicArena with the our #NationalAnthem being played in the background with the #GoldMedal hanging on his chest. This athlete from a small village in #Salem, #TamilNadu has made India proud, he might have lost his limb when he was very young but he has won the hearts of millions of people in India.
I can now boldly say that i was completely overwhelmed by this and i realized that #PhysicalDisabilities do not define a #HumanBeing, rather it is sheer #WillPower that matters!




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