A Donkey’s Life !

Some times i feel that the best way to wade through troubled waters is to befriend a donkey !

many of us are pet lovers and at some point of time in our lives we might have owned one or have at least petted a domestic animal.

However have you ever had an encounter with a donkey ? if not, this is the right time to do so as you might actually be missing a wonderful opportunity to meet someone from whom we have learnt much !

As a matter of fact we humans have many things in common with donkeys from eating habits, herd mentality, stubbornness and many more.

A Recent study made by the British ‘Donkey sanctuary’ indicates that we who were predominantly savage had learnt the art of living harmoniously from these wonderful creatures. However, One peculiar attribute which we have mis-learnt from them is ‘Stubbornness’

In reality when a donkey is frightened it becomes immobile and ponders over the potential threat, during this time it does not respond to anyone.

This attribute was perceived by us to be an act of ‘hardheadedness’ which we happily accepted into our genetic system.

Donkey is a peace loving animal and is a symbol of peace. In fact in ancient Israel the King rides a a donkey during times of Peace and on horseback during war!

It is a surprising fact that the donkey’s milk is healthier and costlier than a cow’s milk and has medicinal properties too !

Donkeys like dogs are friends forever, once you befriend a donkey there is no looking back, you will have a pleasurable companion.

life’s burden always seems to be a pleasure for this beast of burden.  No matter what, they are always ready to offer a ride, be it people or goods.

The indomitable spirit of the donkey is something we haven’t acquired from them yet, however it is never too late, you can always give it a try !

woman beside donkey taking selfie on grass
Photo by Emmylou on Pexels.com

Cupid is not enough!!

It looks like our friend Cupid had abandoned his conventional antics this Valentine’s Day!!
The number of youngsters who are waiting to fall in love these days are much more than what Cupid had expected!!
I was wondering about this ideology of ‘waiting to fall in love’., people say that love creeps inside your heart unexpectedly and unnoticeably, but what I can see is a whole new generation of youngsters who are always ready with their desperate adolescent hearts wide open to lure anyone whom they feel would be compatible and emotionally tangible.
Examine this, when a boy says ‘I love you’, he intends to primarily engage a girl emotionally, however in most cases the tendency is to advance physically, but girls do have an extraordinary attribute of controlling an emotional situation better than boys! As a counter Boys resort to what is called as ’emotional persistence’ to dislodge any resistance from the girls.
The hilarious aspect is that, boys are willing to spend a considerable amount of time to woo girls, but most Romeos are not actually sure wether it is Love!! The fact is that they just want to establish a secure and a private understanding with the opposite sex just to satisfy their trendy adolescent feeling!!!
Now, the interesting aspect is that gratification of this special feeling in many cases does evolve into a meaningful relationship, however this is possible only if both the individuals are willing to nurture their nascent ‘Valentine feeling’so that it evolves into what is called as Love!!!

The Flight of the Monkey!!

Einstein once said that if the honey bees on earth become extinct, human life will be wiped out within the next four years. Einstein had a scientific reason for this, but never did he realise that all of us are actually extinct!! 
This might surprise you, but the fact is we are not what we actually are, We are just a shadow of the past!
This is no theology, consider this, last Friday i visited the museum where artefacts from different timeline were displayed. There I found myself consciously staring at a painting that dated a couple of centuries back;
It was a portrait of a Queen with her pet monkey. The least surprising aspect about this painting was that the queen’s face had a striking resemblance to that of a girl who used to work with me about a decade back. 

Is it possible that this girl whom I know, be of the same genealogical lineage of that lovely lass in the portrait? Maybe not, but the most surprising aspect was that the pet monkey was an absolute parallel with that of its present generation. 

How is this possible that the monkey has always remained a monkey unchanged through time!
Yes!! there are different varieties of monkeys, but each variety of monkeys have the same facial features and no significant physical difference can be attributed. This logic applies to all flora and fauna and the only exception to this logic are human beings.
Evolution preaches that man evolved from monkeys; Then how did the present lot of monkeys survive evolution? The entire monkey species should have been transformed into a variety of Humans !!
Strangely, this has not happened and notably, the only species on earth that has a close resemblance to the monkeys are inarguably humans and this might actually suggest that human evolution might be travelling in the reverse direction! perhaps we are just marching back to the point where it all began! 
My scientific intuition strongly suggests that the present breed of humans are just an offshoot of this reverse transitional evolution. 
We can be assured that at the end of this evolutional tunnel the ‘original aboriginal originality’ which is presently extinct will be totally restored and the present lot of Homo sapiens will be again called as Monkeys!!!!

Identity preserved!

The very sight of a bull running amok is frightening and it is naive not to seek shelter; however defying all logic, men trying to cling onto the ferocious bull is what we Indians are know for. This act sounds illogical, disgruntled and not so valiant in the sight of many western hybrid stereotypes in our society. 
Civilisations have culturally evolved over time, but why did civilisations after all have to evolve and what happens to the associated cultural traditions, do they have to just vanish in course of time? 
Evolution is all about adopting and adapting to the trends that defines a particular era. Trends were merely created as a result of mans greed and selfishness and there was no upper limit to this! 
Evolution progresses when mans greed and selfishness increases exponentially and this significantly impacts culture. No wonder the so called developed countries are actually culturally backward!!
These developed countries are in reality a fusion of several civilisations and cultures that have decayed as a result of cultural evolution.
These are hybrid cultures with self centred economies and attempts to align ourself with these societies will result in weakening of our Identity!! 
Selflessness and dignity has helped us to preserve our identity over time, #Jallikattu represents the Formidable Indian spirit and preservation of our identity gives us chivalrous superiority! 


Replenishment of demonetised Moola!

The new notes are in circulation and the ATM withdrawal limits will be waived off from Feb 1st, that’s good news! Now Wait a minute, does this mean that I can grab infinite amount of cash from the teller machine;
theoretically Yes, but what if the cash is siphoned off in between to replenish the previously demonetised ill gotten money!.

Waiving off the withdrawal limit indicates that adequate paper money has to be printed and circulated. This indeed seems to be a lucrative opportunity for anyone who is willing to exert adequate political pressure on the financial system to manipulate the books to cause a bypass.

 Once the replenishment has reached exorbitant levels, the withdrawal limit is always there to be enforced all over again to the dismay of commoners who were taken for a roller coaster ride!!

Jallikattu!! OMG can this be true..

India is the largest exporter of beef in the whole world and ironically it has also licensed peta to do moral policing to ensure cruelty against animals is curbed. 

Confusing isn’t it! We have to explore why this sport is sought by many only to be banned!! Maybe we have disappointed our politicians with this sport that has no scope for betting and fixing. Or can it be a that the glamour quotient is simply not there to lure potential rapist like the lustful dance bars in our country; we might have to mull at the option of having cheer girls to make the event more attractive.

Maybe even better, we have failed to assure our authorities that the supply of bulls for slaughtering will not be hindered and they can ensure that the beef export targets can be met to the satisfaction of the western superpowers. After All, this is what bothers peta, their western homeland being deprived of bull meat!!

Bravo! the Jhansi Rani of Indian Paralympics

With the sweetness of #Mariappan’s victory still lingering in my taste bud, i was again more than happy to gulp down a glass of sweet lassie for #DeepaMalik who was paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair, yet who surged ahead to conquer the paralympic arena at #Rio2016 with a formidable shot put thrust off her neck which sent the 8 pound spherical boulder flying a distance of #4.61 meters. This effort from this 21st century #JhansiRani was more than sufficient to decorate the Indian sub-continent with a sliver lining which was previously achieved only by the formidable badminton protege #P.V.Sindhu.

I was emotionally compelled to read her story. I delved through the various physical and emotional trials she endured before being rendered physically ineffectual, and in spite of her physical inability she did not allow her mental strength to be insufficient. Nothing could stop her from garnering her inner strength to put behind all those things which demotivated her and to bravely gallop forward like the charge of the British heavy cavalry in the battle of Waterloo.

Deepa Malik is an epitome of success, who ensured that her life’s destiny was defined by none other than herself. I could not resist but I humbly bow down to this Iron lady who seems to have answered everyone’s life’s question!!

Heroism is the order of the Day!!

Everyone wants to be someone and that someone is always the one who fights for someone who wants to be someone!

I was totally enthralled last week when i had to stand-up for someone in that muted crowd where a persuading lot of political buffoons tried to hood-wink a group of commoners in a road show with their perilous insight. Soon after that event evaporated into the oblivion, the elusive feeling of standing up for a reason caused a soothing intoxication like feeling that remained in me for sometime.

However the receding memories of that roaring applause, secreted a craving essence which kept flowing through my veins. Addicted to this new found itching for heroism, i sought every opportunity to dazzle in dire situations. Ironically in many instances my self scripted maneuver turned out to be melancholy. I was always willing to live another day, seeking scripted situations where i can prove myself and satisfy my craving.

Seldom did this happen and with time the essence slowly lost its sting. I slowly realized that every dog has its day!

Maybe a few dogs might be a little luckier!!

Fruits of my ego..

As i was wadding through my late 30’s, i realized that a horrific feeling of being vacuumed by the vastness of my own thoughts, persuaded me to visualize ‘things’ not as what they really were!!

The deluge of unconventional thoughts that trickled down my rustic brain, allured me to focus on what was elusive to the human mind. Hence having carefully cajoled myself a few days back that i could blog my perennial thoughts which seems to flow from my pensive mind, to lure people who would be generous enough to accept the excerpts from my thoughtful exploits.

I was convinced that that this attractive preposition will propel me to a virtual stardom from where i could relish the fruits of my ego. I was absolutely on it, totally engrossed about choosing the most subtle topics which would be decisive enough to create an impact!!. ‘Gokka makka’ thats it!! (An exclamatory Tamil slang) , i did not even wait for my thoughts to conceive, and my pursuit in search of elegant thoughts knew no bounds, all five elements of nature was under my lens, i wondered and presumed that if Einstein was alive, he would have been definitely jealous of my prowess!

Thus began my pretentious journey to create an innovative blog. However, this journey was frequently marred by contemporary deterrents such as verbal sarcastic pranks from my all beloved near and dear. However i always mustered courage to jet back my resent instantaneously only to be thwarted again.

I have heard that great thinkers used to withdraw them self from worldly distractions to silent places which would kindle the various lobes of the brain thereby initiating thought process.

Eureka! This sounded logical and easy, withdrawing oneself to silent places!. Intoxicated by this discovery, i pondered which will be the most suitable place on earth that is silent and that which is embedded with suitable ergonomics..to be continued..

At last a reason to cheer ~ Gold medal at Rio 

My eyes were drenched with tears when i heard the news that India has finally bagged a #GoldMedal in #Rio2016!.
A few weeks back i was a little disappointed when our Indian contingent returned from the #RioSummerOlympics without a single Gold medal!. Heartbroken, i consoled myself with the lone silver and bronze medal which we bagged in Badminton and Wrestling. However i was not able to understand why ‘India’ a Nation of more than 100 crore people was not able to bag many medals in #Olympics. There might be many reasons, but all those reasons only appears to be many excuses.

I was very disappointed with their performance and i was mentally prepared to wait and hope for another four years to see if any of our athletes would win a Gold Medal at #Tokyo2020.


Surprisingly, today morning i woke up to the news that India has won a #GoldMedal, immediately i presumed that our wrestler Yogeshwar’s bronze medal which he bagged during the 2012 London Olympics might have been upgraded to Gold due to the doping charges which were proved against the other wrestling medal winner from the 2012 games.
ironically, I found myself  jumping in joy when i immediately realized that my presumption was absolutely wrong!!
It was #Paralympics! where our own brothers and sisters competed with both their #PhysicalDisabilities and other contestants from different nations.
Our own #MariyappanThangavelu’s #HighJump leap, fluently draging his broken leg over the bar kept at a height of 1.89 Mts was sufficient to ensure that our #IndianFlag was hoisted in the #OlympicArena with the our #NationalAnthem being played in the background with the #GoldMedal hanging on his chest. This athlete from a small village in #Salem, #TamilNadu has made India proud, he might have lost his limb when he was very young but he has won the hearts of millions of people in India.
I can now boldly say that i was completely overwhelmed by this and i realized that #PhysicalDisabilities do not define a #HumanBeing, rather it is sheer #WillPower that matters!